A fascinating small town, character-driven novel that delivers the most shocking twist you’ll read this year.

When lives entangle, webs will weave.

Time: September, 1997.

Place: Lebanon, Kansas—quite literally, as marked by a monument, the very middle of middle America.

A teacher. A soldier. An immigrant. A joker. A loner. A chancer. A carer.

A mosaic of seven regular townsfolk are going about their days, blissfully unaware their lives are about to interweave, interchange and interact; entangling into such a messy web that, together — and unbeknownst to them — their lives end up changing the face of America forevermore.

In the mold of movies such as Traffic, Magnolia & The Usual Suspects, In the Middle of Middle America follows multiple characters, and allows the reader to become a fly on the wall as they observe these seven lives entangling so tightly that they ultimately lead the reader into a head-spinning twist.

“It will make you laugh out loud. It will make you cry out loud. Then it’ll render you speechless.”

– Alice Browning

Praise for David B. Lyons

“Keeps you guessing right until the end” – Mail On Sunday

“Simply outstanding” – The Book Magnet

“Impossible to put down” – The Book Literati

“So clever” – The Writing Garnet

“Clever, brilliant, gripping” – Nicki’s BookBlog

“Utterly clever” – Novel Deelights