Welcome to the trial of the century…

Almost two years ago Faith and Grace Tiddle arrived home from their usual Saturday morning dance class to find both of their parents face down in pools of blood.

Five days later, the twins — only nine years old at the time — were arrested for the double homicide.

And now, twenty months on, the entire country awaits with bated breath as the jury are dismissed to deliberate their verdict on a case that has become a national obsession.

But if Lead Detective Denis Quayle — the man who knows the case better than anybody else — isn’t fully convinced of the twins’ guilt…

Can a twelve-person jury be?

Take your seat on the jury…

You won’t know what to make of the Tiddle twins.

"An outstanding novel"

The Book Magnet

Praise for David B. Lyons

“Exhilarating with unrelenting tension” – The Book Literati

“Incredibly clever” – The Writing Garnet

“Outstanding” – The Book Magnet

“An intense legal thriller” – On The Shelf

“This year’s must-read author” – No.1 Bestselling author Rob Enright.

“An outstanding craftsman” – No.1 Bestselling author Andrew Barrett


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