A psychological thriller that will make you want to hug your children… and never let them go

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare

Ingrid and Ciara hate their lives.

They’re being bullied at school and resent their parents for bringing them into this world.

So, they’ve made a pact: tonight – at midnight – they’re going to end it all. And nobody will be able to stop them.

Except, perhaps, for former detective Helen Brennan, who overhears a phone call that ignites memories of her darkest days.

She’s determined to find these two girls, so she can stop them doing what her son Scott did twenty-two years ago.

The problem is, she doesn’t know who the girls are. Or where they are.

She only knows she has until midnight to save them.

…And the clock is ticking.

"I sobbed and sobbed. Lyons really knows how to leave a mark."

- Books From Dusk Til Dawn


Praise for David B. Lyons

“Best book of the year” – Books From Dusk Til Dawn

“Addictive and incredibly clever” – The Writing Garnet

“Utterly clever” – Novel Deelights

“My new favourite author” – RubinaReads

“Clever, brilliant, gripping” – Nicki’s BookBlog

“An outstanding craftsman in the thriller genre” – No. 1 Bestselling author Andrew Barrett

“Lyons is a great new voice in fiction” – Renowned author John A. Marley

“Gripping and high-octane” – Irish Mail on Sunday

“Devastating”- Irish Independent


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