A sensational psychological thriller that will refuse to leave your head

If your daughter went missing, how many years would it take for you to admit she’s never coming home?

Betsy Blake was only four years old when she vanished outside her family home in Dublin.

Her father – wracked with guilt for the past seventeen years – still can’t bring himself to admit the search is over, despite the fact his wife has moved on and police have closed off the investigation.

When he is informed he must undergo major heart surgery that he only has a fifty percent chance of surviving, Gordon Blake hires a local PI to give the investigation one last try.

But surely rookie PI Lenny Moon – who has little or no experience in such high-profile investigating – doesn’t have what it takes to make a breakthrough in this case before Gordon is put to sleep.

…or does he?

The clock is ticking…

“This is the best book of the year... it left me speechless"

– BooksFromDuskTillDawn

Praise for David B Lyons

“Lyons is an outstanding craftsman in the thriller genre. A gifted storyteller with a natural ability to thrill” – No. 1 Bestselling author Andrew Barrett

“He certainly knows how to nail a crime thriller and get readers on the edge of their seats. I swallow his books in one sitting” – Published author Sharon Thompson

“Lyons is a great new voice in fiction” – Published author John A. Marley

“Best book of the year… it left me speechless” – BooksFromDuskTillDawn

“Intense, addictive and incredibly clever” – The Writing Garnet

“Compulsive” – Books Are My Cwtches

“This is a mind-blowing book” – Rubina Reads

“Whatever Happened to Betsy Blake is one of my reads of the year” – Nicki’s Book Blog

“Lyons has an uncanny knack for coming up with clever and refreshing plots” – Novel Deelights

“Really clever” – Bookie Wookie


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