From inner city Dublin to middle England. Quite literally.

My name is David, or Dave as everyone insists on calling me for some poxy reason. I’m not a fan of being called Dave, but nobody seems to give a shit.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

I am an author. I used to be a journalist. For 15 years I worked on the sports desks of national newspapers but I was also an award-winning music reviewer and at one stage I even had one of those cheesy celebrity two-page spread columns in a Sunday tabloid. That was fun! I tried to write fiction while I was a journalist… but it wasn’t easy. However, when I did finally hang up my dictaphone, I fell into line in terms of disciplining myself and – four months later – I managed to finish my first novel. I signed a three-book publishing deal off the back of that manuscript and haven’t looked back since. But things weren’t as straight forward as they may seem. I struggled. A lot. I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve walked that whole path – took the long route and went through a hundred pairs of shoes in order to walk it. I’m now absolutely proud to say I am an international bestselling author. And am certain you could be too. If you applied yourself correctly.

I am an editor. I have edited dozens of novels and have worked with prestigious publishing houses in Bookouture and Bloodhound Books; editing novels for bestselling authors such as Sibel Hodge, Lauren Westwood, Owen Mullen and Rob Ashman among many others. I also work with authors who are just starting out on their journey and have helped many in that regard to get their author career up and running.

I am an educator. I have taught Creative Writing at Coventry University, at Rathmines College and at King Edward VI Camphill Grammar school. I’m a fully qualified teacher (what fun getting that qualification was!) and have been teaching in this subject area since 2006.

"My approach to helping future authors is to cut out any semblance of bullshit."

I have set up this website to share my experiences of writing novels, editing novels and teaching creative writing with you, and genuinely believe that you can, like me, become a bestselling author.

Honestly. I’m not bullshitting you. In fact my approach to helping future authors is to cut out any semblance of bullshit. Hence the brand name: The Open Author.

I am going to be wide open, utterly transparent and one hundred per cent honest with you. I may have a Degree in Creative Writing, but as you will find through the content I release in my vlogs, I am insistent that you don’t need such a qualification. However, there are skill sets you will need to improve upon if you are to transfer the story idea you have inside your head on to paper. I can help you with that. And I will also help you enjoy that process.

I don’t expect you to re-learn the technicalities of the English language. I will not be asking you to make a return to secondary school to learn language devices such as metaphors or similes or personification or any of that shit. You don’t need to understand the nuances of these technical devices in order to write a novel. You just need to learn some simple techniques that I have successfully taught many a student over many a year.

Writing a novel is much easier and much more enjoyable than you can imagine. Getting published – in the modern era – is also easier than you can imagine. Now, I’m not saying I will guarantee you will sign a three-book publishing deal with your debut novel – but I will guarantee that I can help you get over your fear of putting that novel on to paper and I will improve your ability within a matter of weeks of you taking any of my courses or workshops. I will also teach you how you can get published.

Your dream of becoming an author is not far-fetched at all. Have a look around this website and check out the free video tutorials. If you like the cut of my jib and feel it has helped you in any way, get in touch with me. And let’s see how we can get that story idea out of the pretty little head of yours and finally on to paper.

I love helping you write, because I know how good it feels to write.

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