Don’t just take

my word for it.

“David is an outstanding teacher. He has a rare gift for creativity and has proven to me to have a high level of original engagement with ideas. He engages people and connects to them effortlessly. I have been a university lecturer for over fifteen years but rarely come across minds like David’s nor teachers who can connect with their students with such natural ease.”

Dr. John Keenan, Senior Lecturer in Education, Newman University

“David has delivered masterclasses on the psychological thriller in the Writing Genre Fiction module on our MA in Professional Creative Writing course. He is an entertaining and informative speaker and our students have been highly gratified to have an author working at the cutting edge of contemporary crime writing leading their workshop”

Tim Kelly, course director of Professional Creative Writing, Coventry University

“David is an inspiring teacher. His contemporary course content is delivered in an accessible, relevant and challenging format to his students. His classes are always interactive and he applies a most conscientious approach to Teaching & Learning techniques that makes his classes both informative and entertaining – a great combination!”

Niamh Ward, Head of Media, Rathmines College

“David is an inspiring teacher. His Creative Writing teaching is very much centred on the student, ensuring each individual can follow his particular interests, skills and inclinations, confident he is improving every step of the way. The students love attending his classes and thoroughly enjoy his approach to teaching.”

Martin Garrod, Headteacher - King Edward VI school, Camphill

The way David teaches ensures the student not only learns, but also enjoys. He breaks everything down so that the components are not only easily digestible, but also enjoyably digestible. He doesn’t use any fluffy academic terms, he speaks to you as if you are a peer and he has a great ability to make you believe you really can achieve your dream of becoming an author. I’m currently half-way through my first book after never really believing I would get this far.” 

David Newman, former student of David Lyons

“David teaches creative writing through personal experience. He delivered an excellent seminar and workshop on the unreliable narrator at Coventry University. Through workshop based exercises he encouraged the students to build realistic and believable characters. David was fully engaged throughout the sessions, supporting and enabling students with their creative writing. David’s teaching has definitely helped me become a better writer”

Poppy Sall, former student of David Lyons