A clever engrossing thriller you won’t want to put down.

Could you hold your nerve to steal eight million euro in order to save your partner’s life?

That’s the dilemma facing Vincent Butler – a well-respected bank manager in Dublin’s city centre.

Both he and his boyfriend of 10 years, Ryan Harkness, assume they are waking up to a regular working day when their alarm beeps at seven a.m. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Within minutes, Ryan’s life is at stake after wannabe gangster Darragh Galligan forces his way into their plush apartment. He informs them he will be holding Ryan at gunpoint while Vincent is tasked with carrying out a record-breaking heist.

Vincent must visit the vaults of each of the four bank branches he manages to steal eight million euros. If he doesn’t follow orders, Ryan will be killed.

He doesn’t have long.

He only has until Midday.

And the clock is ticking…

“A gripping and high-octane page turner that keeps you guessing right until the end”

– Irish Mail on Sunday


“A gripping and high-octane page turner that keeps you guessing right until the end.” –
Irish Mail on Sunday

“Neatly plotted with a devastating twist in its tail.” – Irish Independent

“An intense, addictive, and incredibly clever read.” – The Writing Garnet

“What an utterly clever book Midday is.” – NovelDeelights book review

“I never envisioned the surprises the author held in store for me and my enjoyment intensified towards the truly gripping finale.” – ByTheLetter book review

“I had my hand to my mouth, gasping.” – RubinaReads book review

“Very tense.” – Col’sCriminalLibrary book review

“One to ponder after reading. A very well thought out scenario, well written.” – NickiBookBlog review

“For me, David B. Lyons is the Tarantino of the book world.” – Bookstormer

“A fast-paced thriller that’s roaring up the charts.” – CrimeFictionLover book review


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